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Home Remedies for Eczema – do they really work?

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The skin is the largest organ in our body that protects us against various elements. However, this body sometimes becomes very sensitive in some people who have problems such as irritation and itching caused by their clothes rubbing against their skin, extreme temperatures, emotional stress, allergens and irritants.

When this happens, these people may suffer from a topic dermatitis (eczema). This dermatitis known as eczema is usually a pink scaly rash accompanied by severe itching and in extreme cases, the skin becomes thicker and filled with painful cracks in some parts. Several eczema home treatments have been used by different people to reduce eczema symptoms without risk of side effects from medication. Below are some home remedies for eczema that can fast track getting your eczema under control.

11 little known home remedies for eczema

chamomile-herb-oil-for-eczemaChamomile for eczema # 1:  Add the dried herb chamomile in one cup of boiling water and let steep for at least 15 minutes, strain and let cool then this preparation. Then soak a clean piece of gauze and tea apply to the part where you have the rash.

Then you leave the gauze placed by Lomener 20 minutes and change in dry and warm. You can apply this remedy three times a day until the lesions become dry and the swelling subsides. This preparation is very effective because the Chamomile contains several natural substances that are anti-inflammatory to reduce the allergic reaction that leads to eczema.

elm-powerder for eczemaElm powder for eczema # 2: Combine elm powder with enough water to produce a fine paste and applied to inflamed parts of your skin. The water temperature can have any enjoyable. Leave the dough for up to one hour or until dry. Then gently rinse with water and dry gently without rubbing. The use of elm power mixture for eczema treatment may be repeated three times a day. Use this natural remedy to eliminate eczema.

Lavender essential oil for eczema # 3 : Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a tea of Calendula and applied to affected areas twice daily until they relieve the irritation.

Gentian tincture for eczema # 4:  Take ten drops of tincture of gentian three times daily before meals.   This will help the digestive system to debug so you can lay off toxins that end up irritating the skin. This herb can be taken until you are free of this irritation.

Cucumber mask for eczema # 5: Cut a large cucumber into thin slices which should be placed in a container with water. Then let it rest for two hours and then the slices should be filtered through a fine cloth or sieve. This juice is applied on the area that has eczema to cool and relieve the itching.

Vitamin e oil for eczema # 6:  The vitamin E oil is a known antioxidant that contributes to skin health.   Combined with mint and aloe gel, is an effective remedy ( available in our store ) that contributes to alleviating eczema.

Carrot paste for eczema # 7: Peel and boil three carrots, and when soft, mash the pulp until smooth. Then apply this paste on affected areas and let sit for fifteen minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Yogurt mask for eczema # 8: Apply to the skin the next mask: Pass through the blender a handful of fresh peas and yogurt until you get a creamy consistency. Then apply for 10 minutes on the affected part.    then removed with cotton soaked in warm water.

Juniper oil for eczema # 9: Pour 1 tablespoon of juniper, a sage and thyme in a cup of boiling water. Cover, let stand for five minutes and strain. Drink one cup daily after main meal.

Strawberry leaves for eczema # 10: Boil for 10 minutes, 1 handful of strawberry leaves and other leaves of plums in half a liter of water. Remove from heat and cool. Bathe with this preparation, the areas affected by eczema.

Horsetail herb for eczema # 11: Boil 50 g of horsetail (plant also called horsetail) in one liter of water for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for 15 minutes. Strain and add to bath water. Taking a bath for 10 minutes. This eczema home remedy is a great treatment for eczema.

You can use the above home remedies for eczema to eliminate eczema symptoms without drugs. They can be applied as daily care remedies for eczema.

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Some health tips for those with eczema:

Apart from the list of home remedies for eczema provided above, you can eliminate eczema symptoms successfully by avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages and spicy foods as they can aggravate your eczema. In addition, minimize the intake of saturated fats and fermented cheeses mostly from junk food. Keep away from irritating your skin. Avoid scratchy fabrics like wool. Also, wash your clothes, towels and bedding in mild detergent without perfumes and rinse well.

Keep your skin moist if you have problem with the eczema / rash, it is vitally important to moisturize your skin thoroughly and regularly. “Choose a thick moisturizer and put it in the first three minutes after your shower or bath while skin is still damp, do not use lotion with a steroid content. Also, make sure you avoid sweat. Eczema gets worse when you sweat. If for some reason you sweat, you are advised to take a shower as soon as possible and don’t forget to use eczema home remedies to combat your eczema disorder. You can also use olive oil or organic virgin coconut oil in addition to the natural treatment for eczema options already mentioned above.

In conclusion, you can consider taking omega-3 supplement as a source for essential fatty acid. One of the best home remedies for eczema is eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, avocado, tuna, salmon and nuts. You can reduce or even eliminate most symptoms of eczema by taking omega-3 regularly. We highly recommend Omega 3 DHA fish oil from xtend-life products because it is the best, purest and safest omega-3 fish oil supplements available. Click here for more information.

Now that you know several home remedies for eczema – go ahead and eliminate eczema symptoms without drugs, free yourself from unwanted body scratching all the night without risk of side effects from medication.

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